This page will eventually evolve into an electronic public library for public-domain books written in Arabic in all disciplines or about Arab-related topics in any language.

Here is the plan;

We will collect electronic versions of books via this page, news-groups and other Internet resources.
The books will be reformatted to be readable across many platforms. Current plan is to convert them to PDF format and to the two e-book formats.
When we have a reasonably large number they will be posted here for all to access.
This is a long-term project. We are talking years and not weeks.
The sooner we get books emailed to us the sooner we can start posting them here.

How you can help;

If you have any book in Arabic or about Arabs in an electronic format please email it to us at
By emailing a book you confirm that the book is either in the public domain or that you own the copyright and give us permission to post it here.
Please indicate if you want an acknowledgment mentioning your name to be included with the book when it is posted.
You can also send us your recommended list of books you think are worthy of inclusion. We will then try to get these.

Important Notes;

  1. We have no intention to act as sensors. Our role is to establish a public library and not to act as 'thought police'. We will post what is submitted.
  2. However, we cannot post books providing instructions about how to commit criminal activities. For example, we will not post a book entitled "How To Kill Your Neighbour And Eat His Children Without Being Caught".
  3. We will post books.
  4. We will only post articles, email messages, essays and the like if we feel they are thought provoking or address important issues.


To contact us please use


Ahlan Bicom