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This site is dedicated to providing high quality recitations of the holy Quran in MP3 format. 

We chose recitations by the late Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary. Sheikh Al-Husary remains one of the better reciters with a clear yet beautiful voice and excellent rendition. 

To maintain good sound quality and minimize file sizes, the Quran is digitized using 16kbps sampling rate. Anything lower and the quality is significantly worse. Higher rates do not result in noticeably better quality. After all, we are dealing with a mono-channel male voice.

The whole of the Quran is here. Please feel free to download the Suras you need. 

This site is run by un-paid volunteers. High bandwidth charges are costly. We now average 22000 hits and 6 Gigabytes of traffic a day (and numbers are rising fast). Our intention is to run the site as a service but any support we get is welcome.

Based on feedback from you we have now decided to accept advertisements from commercial organizations to help pay for and develop the site. If you think any of the advertisers are inappropriate please let us know. You can view all our advertisers offers by clicking here.

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If you have any comments, please contact our webmaster, Emad Khader.

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